A Simple Act of Personal Environmentalism

Carbon Footprint

When it comes to sustainability, the first step is to create awareness. We cannot go on using resources the way we are used to: we need to explore new options to make a change.

The Retap Bottle is our sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. Independent research by Carbon Footprint Ltd. has shown that the Carbon Footprint of a Retap Bottle 05 is 358 gCO2. Using a Retap Bottle will save 30.2 kgCO2e every year compared to using a standard 0,5 PET bottle. This amount of CO2 equals the production of 84 new Retap Bottles that can replace even more plastic bottles.  Using a Retap Bottle is an easy way of doing something good for the planet. We want to motivate everyone to use a Retap Bottle when drinking water. We offer Retap Bottles with a custom logo print to companies, because companies can make an even bigger change offering Retap Bottles to all their employees and relations.

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