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Apple Cinnamon Twist

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Apple Cinnamon Twist

The weather has turned chilly and the local market is overflowing with gorgeous fall produce—deep green spinach, stately brussel sprouts, festive squash and, oh my, the apples—round, plump, juicy and proud of it. The Apple Cinnamon #RetapTwist is a perfect refresher on a fall day. As the weather cools, prepare it using warm water for a comforting treat.

Apples come in many different varieties ranging from very sweet to very sour. For this Retap Twist, we like a sweet apple to pair with the cinnamon. You can add a splash of lemon juice when you are in the mood for a little zing.

Cinnamon is known for it’s many health benefits and, perhaps for that reason, is a popular spice in the fall and winter. Be sure to buy the freshest cinnamon you can find, we prefer the subtle warmth of Ceylon cinnamon but try Saigon style if you like more fire.

2 slices of apple
2 in. of cinnamon stick
Splash of lemon juice (optional)

1. Slice your apple from the top down and cut into pieces that fit in your Retap Bottle
2. Put the apple slices in your bottle
3. Add the lemon juice (optional)
4. Add the cinnamon stick
5. Fill the bottle with water
6. Put the lid on and gently shake
7. Enjoy immediately or save in fridge (max. 2 days)

Download the recipe!


Retap Twist Water Infusion

Adequate hydration is critical for our bodies and brains to function and stay healthy—the challenge is creating a habit of drinking enough water every day. What about those times when you just want something different? Infused water is a tasty choice to help you reach your hydration goals. Over the course of a few months we sliced, mixed, and twisted away to find out how to get the most out of water infusion in a Retap Bottle. We call these infusions Retap Twists.

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